At Happy Soul I am committed to bringing you a selfless product that has minimal impact for Mother Earth. I am always hunting for savvy ways to reduce the amount of harmful waste & packaging. Here are some of the things that I am already darn good at:

Subscription Box


Let's keep it going on & on

Reusing packaging that my materials arrive in. This means that you may receive your order in a cardboard box or piece of packaging that is already on its second life.


Pretty & Natural

I use parcel tape that is made from recycled materials. I am currently hunting for a paper tape to replace this.

I use eco-friendly Kraft paper to post suitable items & unbleached tissue paper to wrap your gift inside.

The string that I use is either natural jute or paper.

Wrapping Equipment
Packing Peanuts.jpg


Keeping your orders safe

If I need to use packing peanuts to keep your items safe then I only use eco-friendly, starch-based peanuts that will dissolve in water, with no harm to the environment. Have fun watching them melt in the sink if you're not going to re-use them! They are also suitable for composting.