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Updated: Mar 27, 2020

As spring gradually takes hold of our weather, our flora and fauna, we maybe feel … alive … rejuvenated … and alert!

Astronomical spring began on 19th March this year (meteorologists started their spring season on 1st March).

Traditionally, spring is connected with fertility and the female gender … and while of course fertility is connected with the menfolk too, it is a time of year I feel proud to be a woman, a mother, a daughter and a business owner.

With the earth’s natural cycle of life and fertility, springtime is a renewal of the lifeforce and a time when seeds start to grow, the sunlight grows stronger and warmer, and nature bursts into life. In traditional spring celebrations, candles were a key element, with the lighting of them signifying positiveness and affirmation.

Some of us might have heard of Ostara, the goddess of light and fertility … the word is also connected with Easter and the traditions this celebration brings. There is a sense as the spring equinox approaches (when daylight and night-time are of equal length) that life is moving forward, the cold cloak of winter has at last been cast aside, and it’s a wonderful time to strike out either on your own or as part of a team.

So, what can we do with the new lease of life, this rush of energy?

Often, as women, we put other humans first. Our children. Our partners. Our parents. Our work colleagues. Sometimes all of these. We can overlook our own health and wellbeing for the sake of others. Our time is split in so many ways and we can feel fragmented and disconnected. Yet … there is hope and we have to grab it!

As the daylight stretches further into the evening, and the dawn gets slightly earlier each day, so the light shows us as women we should be proud of our achievements.

Too many times we are taught NOT to boast, or to say how good we feel about ourselves. And while no-one appreciates someone who takes this to the extreme, I for one feel so proud of my family and what my children have accomplished so far. Their achievements, their employment status and their love for their family. And I am proud to say I’ve helped them achieve these important elements of their lives. I am proud of being part of my family and all the complexities this brings with it.

And another ‘family’ to which women can feel part of is the annual celebration of women, International Women’s Day, a global family which unites females from around the globe on 8th March each year.

Here in Scarborough, the annual event took place on Friday 6th March and it was an outstanding success. If you attended, there was a fantastic goody bag, including a Happy Soul sample. Each sample was created with lots of love and a little bit of pride and every tea light was snugly contained in an unbleached cotton drawstring bag. As selfcare was a key message to get across, a specially made luggage label was attached to each bag. One side said: ‘Self-love baby self-love’ and there was a kiss at the end of the quote. The other side asked the new owner of each tea light to create a moment in time during which being a woman was something to cherish and enjoy. Happy Soul logo was lovingly imprinted on each bag and the delicious fragrance of wild lemongrass wafted gently around the buildings all day. I also had a showcase stand during the event in Scarborough’s beautiful Art Gallery. This iconic building thronged with energy and kindness and everyone seemed interested in the Happy Soul brand and my message. It was a fantastic day.

I am immensely proud of Happy Soul, which has flowered into more than a kitchen table business … it is reaching forward to the next level and I am able to take it there. This year will be an exciting one and there will be some incredible things to announce.

I feel joined up, connected, focused and proud.

However, I don’t want to sound like ‘the big I am’. I’ve got my faults and my vulnerabilities. I have my ‘off days’. And by opening up about them and being honest, this is also empowering. It allows others to support you and understand that today might not be THE day, yet tomorrow might be. It also shows you are just like everyone else … if my brain can’t cope with something at that moment in time, I’m honest and I say so. And everyone understands, is supportive and is just that little bit relieved that I’ve said it, as it happens to them too! I avoid the word ‘but’ as this can be obstructive … it might be a ‘yet’ a ‘however’ or even a ‘then’! Language is a very powerful tool and can influence a mood, an idea, an emotion and avoiding negative phrases and using positive ones can help confirm confidence and assuredness.

I hope the new season will help you feel proud of your achievements, proud of your gender identity and positive in all you do. And Happy Soul is the perfect place from which to purchase a candle to celebrate the arrival of springtime!

self love baby … self love

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