Happy Soul & My Story

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

I like to think we all have a happy soul within us!

Maybe yours is just waiting to be discovered? Or perhaps your happy soul is shining for all to see.

Either way, I founded Happy Soul candles and wax melts while living by the sea with the hope of helping people find their own happy place in their lives.

And if this sounds idyllic, in one way, you are correct!

You see, I’m not a Yorkshire lass … in fact, I was born in Oxfordshire and have a background in agriculture and moved here in 1999. So, from the South of England to the Yorkshire Coast … how did this happen? How did Happy Soul come into existence?

As with all births, in this case, the birth of my business, there are reasons why it seems a great idea to go through it, as you know you’ll feel ‘that rush of love’ after all the pain. And Happy Soul was born as a result of some very trying times.

During my five decades on this earth, I have had three children (now all grown-up) and had a career working with children, young people and families. I’ve also worked for a charity and thanks to my love of working with the local community, I’ve also been an official Football Association Welfare Officer.

It’s fair to say, life was never, ever dull.

Yet, like many of us, there were warning signs that ‘something wasn’t quite right’.

Turn back the clock to 2016, I became very unwell and had to cease working.

Looking back, and if I am being honest with myself, I’d reached burnout. I was mentally exhausted. My body was screaming at me … and I was ignoring it.

Far from a happy soul, I’ll think you’ll agree!

I was then on the medical pathway that resulted in several diagnoses … disease of the gallbladder that required surgery; coeliac disease (requiring a strict wheat and gluten free diet); autoimmune disease which is still monitored regularly; and

finally, I was diagnosed with allodynia, which results in widespread, chronic pain.

Understandably, depression and anxiety soon crowded in, too.

And this was A LOT to take in.

I needed a complete change of life, scenery and pace … and so I moved from the centre of town to the stunning Yorkshire Coast, and live just a few steps away from Scarborough’

s impressive harbour.

It must have something to do with the brisk sea air, the magical sunrises and the rhythmic tides because Happy Soul came into being in June 2018.

Like many of us in a similar situation, I had reached an all-time low, or to use a nautical term, I was at my lowest ebb. And when you get to that stage, there is only one way to go, and that is back up.

I have never, ever been the type to ignite a candle for my own pleasure or for some calming therapy … to me, it meant I was taking care of myself and we’ve all been down that road of thinking this isn’t important, or we feel that nagging guilt when we think about ourselves rather than others.

How wrong I was!

Due to the various health issues I’ve experienced, I have learned a very valuable lesson and Happy Soul intends to prevent people from making the same mistake as me.

I’ve been so lucky … the difficulties I’ve had (and still cope with) occurred at a time that was a good time in some ways. I still had time to take stock and take care of myself, for one thing.

I’ve learned to watch out for warning signs and keep a check on my mental health too.

So, when I hand-pour my vegan soy candles ready for selling to wonderful customers, I also pour in a bit of love and tenderness for the people that purchase them.

I have always been a people person, so I am keen to get to know my customers, offer advice as to when best to light a candle; describe the benefit of the fragrances and essential oils I use; and listen to each person’s story, as we all have a unique tale to share.

I also ensure that I work at a different pace, therefore I only make small batches of my products. Customers can even collect from my home, and I have products for sale at GekoGlass in Bar Street and Preen in the Market Hall, as I love to support our local businesses.

We are all travelling a rocky road when it comes to ‘life’.

You can’t always tell what people have gone through, or what challenges they are facing. Happy Soul is my way of showing you that you are important; our mental and physical health are our greatest commodities; and hopefully my products can help you find a moment of calm, some time to yourself, take a day at a time and value the simple things in life.

So, from one happy soul to the many that are out there … sit back, relax and enjoy some mindful moments with a Happy Soul candle …

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